Warrior RGT2 Sr. Pro Goal Pads


$1,799.99 each
Brand: Warrior



Warrior is carrying the Ritual GT line forward for 2019 by unveiling the new RGT/2! With the past success of the RG/T series Warrior really wanted to focus on building upon that success and really enhance their RGT/2 series to further their two lines.

•New HyperComp reinforced thighrise for a nice rigid upper portion of the pad to help lock in the butterfly seal.

•New Active Drop 360 will allow for enhanced 5 hole coverage. The activedrop channel will allow the knee and thigh portion to sit in a better position for a better seal and buttefly slide.

•New knee cradle with adjustable setting to get the perfect feel and totally custom tailor for preferred feel.

•Knee drive system to force the pad down in the buttefly and lock into the ice creating an unrivaled seal. 

•Unrivaled stability while in the butterfly position.

•Torsional flex to allow for upper seal and mobility out of the skate and lower shin for ultimate play in the RVH.

•Standard with toe lace but includes active response toe as well.

•Ritual GT2 Sr. nee pad and laundry bag included as well.




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