Warrior RGT Sr. Catcher and Blocker


$699.99$499.99 each
Brand: Warrior


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•Tapered back hand cuff to allow for unparalleled mobility.


•Sewn in (non-removable palm) for ultimate consistency.


•Standard 70 Degree break angle offers a optimal closure angle for most goalies.


•Extremely lightweight while maintaining optimal balance provides for excellent feel.


TGC Custom Colours in Warrior's GT Classic Design!




•Ultra lightweight for superior balance and ease of movement.


•Bindingless construction reduces weight and provides excellent durability.


•Contoured thumb and finger protection provides excellent coverage.


•Removable palm allows for simplified replacements as well as customized sizing options (comes stock with a large palm)


•Adjustable palm to allow for a dialed in blocker placement. 

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