Brian's OPT1K Sr. Pro Knee Pad


$119.99 each
Brand: Brian's



Best rated

  • Bauer Supreme 1S Sr. Pro Knee Pad
    The 1S knee guard is based off of the original Supreme Knee Guard, but has been thinned out and beefed up to help further protect the k...
  • Brian's Pro II Knee Pad
    •Soft Sportmesh interior •molded, HD plastic thigh pad •2 point velcro closure •elastic velcro strap attaches to g-netik pro II goal pa...
  • CCM KP Pro Sr. Knee Pad
    The KPPRO knee pads are an amazing product to say the least. With their revolutionary hinge system, that allows the knee pad to move fr...
  • Warrior Ritual Pro-X Sr. Knee Pad
    The good folks at Warrior Hockey stepped up their knee pad game with a new addition to an already successful lineup of protective gear...

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