Bauer Supreme 2S Jr. Pro Goal Skates


Brand: Bauer



The Supreme skate that changed it all is back and has even been upgraded! Two years ago we saw the revolutionary Bauer edge goal holder make its debut on the Supreme 1S line. Now two years later we have the upgraded and enhanced 2S line still on the most sought after holder.


•Asymmetrical shoulder allows for a better fit with reduced stress

•Carbon Curv composite quarter package makes a rigid high performing boot with reduced weight

•Asymmetrical recoil tongue for optimal fit and feel

•Heel lock and eyelet comfort pad for unmatched comfort

•Vented composite outsole makes the skate extremely light weight and allows for excellent air flow

•Vertexx edge holder and 3MM LS5G Carbon coated stainless steel creates an excellent edge and hold and ultimate push

•Larger Lundqvist loop makes running the boot strap behind the heel easier to thread



Best rated

Best rated

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