CCM Extreme Flex Shield II Sr. Pro Chest and Arm


$649.99 each
Brand: CCM



The E-Flex Shield II chest protector is here and is a true beast with the best mobility we have seen! CCM set out to have a unit on the opposite end of the spectrum as their Premier chest and they have nailed it! With ultra flexible arms the new Shield II will be the ultimate chest in mobility!

•A dual segmented design allows for excellent mobility and flex in the arms and across the chest

•D30 Technology added in the sternum improved protection without weighing down the unit

•Removable inner rib flaps allow the goaltender to choose how much protection to run and customize their fit

•Quick release velcro shoulders offers a custom tailored fit

•Compression molded HD foam in the forearm and biceps allow for superior protection and excellent mobility

•Independent and fully adjustable elbow protector allows for a customized fit

•Compression molded HD foam shoulder caps offer excellent coverage and protection


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