Bauer Vapor 1X Sr. Pro Goal Pads


$1,899.99$899.99 each
Brand: Bauer



2017 is bringing us the all new VAPOR 1X OD1N! Using previous success with the Supreme 1S line, the Vapor 1X is completely redefining the hybrid pad!

•The Tapered Flex Core keeps the pad well balanced in the butterfly position for optimal stability and performance and tapers off to further reduce the weight.

•The new Tune Fit Strapping will allow the goaltender to completely adjust the calf strapping on the fly for desired rotation, feel and tension.

•Transfer Mesh with 37.5 material allows for optimal air flow.

•C.O.R. Tech Skin Technology allows for the best sliding possible.

•Curv Composite Inserts keeps the pad rigid and light.

•Digitally printed graphics allow for a rich colour without adding any weight.

•Using AEROLITE foams on the calf wrap to further enhance the weight reductions.

•Tapered Knee Stacks allow for a deep set butterfly to achieve maximum coverage with reduced interference.

•The offset toe bridge and CRS Stretch Toe Lace allow for the closest position to the ice for exceptional movements.

•Comes with VAPOR 1X knee pads.

Available in custom as well! Contact for details!




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