CCM 18 Premier Pro Sr. Chest and Arm TGC Pro Beef


$679.99 each
Brand: CCM



The TGC Pro Beef Sr Chest  protector has been up graded double thickness shoulder floaters, belly foam and a NHL pro fight strap for locking down your chest.


•Molded D30 sternum to provide maximum protection for where you need it most.

•Quick release velcro on the back of the shoulder to offer complete customization for its user.

•Strategically placed high and low density foams on the body to provide maximum protection without sacrificing mobility.

•Squared arm design with added D30 for excellent protection while maintaining the large squared blocking surface.

•A molded PE elbow cap provides a fit, feel and protection second to none.

•Molded 2x HD foams for optimal shoulder protection. 

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