CCM Extreme Flex E3.9 Int. Pads


$599.99 each
Brand: CCM



The EFLEX pad series is back for 2017 with the lightest EFLEX pad yet! 

Building off past success with the 860 pad, the new E3.9 has new and improved features to enhance your game!

• Featuring a brand new thin molded core CCM has made the E3.9 the lightest and most balanced mid-line CCM pad yet!

• Sticking with the reduced weight trend, CCM is now using the new QK5 strapping. The QK5 strapping is a thinner, lighter and more durable option than traditional leather straps yet maintain superior hold when you need it most. 

• Featuring the all new Speed Skin technology the E3.9 moves exceptionally well in a butterfly position and slides around the crease with ease!

• A 90 degree boot with torsional flex to allow for a seal second to none in the butterfly while still maintaining excellent movement for pushes and recovery.

• CCM has used a deeper, removable knee cradle to make it easier for closing the 5-hole.

• Using a PE foam knee block the pad will seal to the ice seamlessly.

• Comes stock with a legal knee/thigh protector.

The TGC Custom Spec

-Pre-Curved single break below the knee for excellent 5-hole coverage.

-Tight leg channel with one upper calf strap and one adjustable above / below knee strap. 

-Nylon leg channel

-Deep ultra soft boot.

-Under heel removable boot strap.

-Recessed knee with removable outer flap.

-Speedskin for enhanced sliding.

Best rated

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