Bauer Supreme 1S Sr. Pro Knee Pad


$119.99 each
Brand: Bauer



The 1S knee guard is based off of the original Supreme Knee Guard, but has been thinned out and beefed up to help further protect the knees. Now being beefed up with Curv composite, the Free Floating Composite shield now protects the knee padding and upper thigh from any direct shots. The Curv is also thinner on the knee further sliming the profile of the knee guard to the leg. Through the knee landing pad, Bauer’s proprietary materials are used to add cushion when the goalie lands in the butterfly. The knee guards are filled with Poron XRD and FleXorb gels to give the utmost soft landing, but still protect the knee from any impacts. Vent Armour encapsulates all of these materials providing in better durability and a lighter feel. Lastly, Bauer lined their knee guard with 37.5 Technology to reduce sweat buildup, help keep the legs dry and further help the knee guards from sliding down the leg. This entire design is meant for the butterfly goalie who wants a more thin profile but backed with enough protection to keep their confidence up! If you are an Advanced-level goalie looking for the most technology Bauer can offer, look no further than the Bauer Supreme 1S OD1N Sr. Knee Guard. 

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