Brian's G-NETIK 3 SR PRO Goalie Pads


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The Brian’s G-NETik 3 leg pads are handcrafted in Kingsville, Ontario, to the highest of industry standards. The G-NETik 3s feature a re-engineered foam core, designed to keep the hybrid-style, soft feel the top priority of the G-NETik series. Coming from a successful G-NETik 2 leg pad, the G-NETik 3 further differentiates itself from the counterpart SubZero series, with an all new Hybrid Flex Core. Reconfiguring the break layout, from the G-NETik 2’s 4-4-4 flex to a 5-4-2 flex layout, provides the pads a tad stiffer thigh rise; however, the Hybrid Flex Core features internal knee rolls for increased torque and knee flex.


The G-NETik 3s also feature a new take on the Smart Strap. The new ‘X’ Smart Strap has the calf straps crossing over, rather than going straight across. The knee strap also does this, by a single strap going from the knee to the calf wing and another single strap going from the top of the calf to the knee. The ‘X’ strapping holds the goalie’s leg in more secure to the pad.

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